February 9, 1999

Duke Nukem on the BBC

We received an email today from a 3D Realms fan named Neil Atkinson, who informed us of Duke Nukem being mentioned yesterday on the BBC. Here's what Neil had to say:

Hi 3dRealms,

Duke Nukem got a mention again on UK TV on Monday the 8th of Feb 1999 at 8:30. It was featured on a comedy series called "Dad". I wish I had evidence, i.e. a Sound file of it but I didn't know it was coming up. Perhaps you should contact the BBC for further information. Here's how it went on the programme.

A kid was playing his Playstation and was playing a game which was obviously made up by the unrealistic sound FX and actors actions. Something like Ninja Assassins. His Mum started playing it and completed the made up game in 10 seconds proving she was better than her son at computer games. Later she gets bored and looks through his selection of games, she reads out Doom, Tomb Raider and she gets to Duke Nukem (Original Version) and holds up the box clearly visible to the camera and says something like "Duke Nukem is this game any good, what's this game about". He replies "I don't want to talk about it" but he was actually ignoring her as he didn't want her to play the game because of his fears of her being better than the game than he is. I hope you find this information useful

Neil A

If anyone else out there has a video clip or a sound file of this, please contact us. Thanks to Neil for letting us know about this!

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