March 8, 1999

3D Mark '99 to Launch Today

3D Mark '99 MAX, the net's best graphics benchmark program is slated to launch with a new version this afternoon. What is 3D Mark? Well, here's some of the description from the Official Site:

3DMark� 99 MAX - The Gamers' Benchmark is a diagnostic suite that analyzes, tests and reports Your system's 3D performance. In the fast moving world of 3D-acceleration working out which 3D accelerator is best for your system is a difficult job. There is an endless stream of advertising that claiming numerous products claiming that they are the latest and greatest solution.

Futuremark Corporation helps You to cut through the jargon and judge for yourself with 3DMark�, an advanced diagnostics and testing tool based on MAX-FX� Technology.

3DMark� tells how to maximize Your 3D performance by producing one easy to understand result from a balanced testing methodology that includes image quality, rendering speed, CPU capability and an Internet information base.

But don't just take the word of the web site for it. Check out some of these cool quotes about the software package...

AMD�s Vice President of Marketing, Dana Krelle:

"With 3DMark 99 MAX, Futuremark has created a unique performance tool capable of benchmarking the power of 3DNow! technology to accelerate leading-edge graphic and multimedia applications," said Dana Krelle, Vice President of Marketing at AMD. "3DMark successfully demonstrates the SIMD capabilities of 3DNow! technology currently supported in more than 10 million PCs powered by AMD-K6*-2 and AMD-K6-III processors."

Intel's Vice President and Director, Platform Launch Operation, Michael Aymar:

"We see 3DMark� 99 MAX as one of the most comprehensive 3D benchmarks in the market today for testing the 3D performance of both processors and systems. We are pleased that this benchmark highlights the performance benefits of Pentium� III processors with its Internet Streaming SIMD Extensions (S.S.E.)," said Michael Aymar, Vice President, Intel Corporation."

The launch is today at 4PM Pacific Time, so make sure to head on over there and download yourself a trial copy, learn more, or purchase your own registered copy of 3D Mark '99 MAX!

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