March 8, 1999

Scott Miller Goes to Hell

Scott Miller was interviewed recently for the "10
Questions with SamHell
" Web feature. Today, you can read what Scott had to say about several topics. Check out these:

Q: In your opinion, how has Duke Nukem helped shape the gaming community?

A: a) Duke helped show that defined characters are important to players. The conventional wisdom before Duke Nukem 3D was that players preferred to play an undefined hero, so that they could take the role of that hero. With Duke, we instead create a larger-than-life hero, and you give to live the game through the hero's eyes and voice.
b) Duke's political incorrectness opened a lot of eyes around the industry, and now we see a lot of games trying to go over-the-top in their content and attitude.
c) Duke Nukem 3D also showed that realistic places can be as fun as fantasy locations.

Q: Can we anticipate a demo of Duke Nukem 4 before the game hits the shelves? If so, what will it offer (multiplayer support, number of levels, etc.)?

A: Our plan is to release a demo about one to two weeks before the game itself. And the demo will not be more than a level or two. We don't want to give away too much of the game for free, but from what we do give away you'll be able to tell how cool the game is.

There's several other things Scott has to say, so head on over to SamHell's site and check out "10 Questions with Scott Miller".

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