March 17, 1999


We wanted to point out that we have several books available for sale through our web site (well, they're actually from about our games.

* First off, we wanted to point out that the two original Shadow Warrior Novels, For Dead
Eyes Only
& You Only Die Twice are still available. If you haven't read these books, and you're a Shadow Warrior fan, you should check them out! In fact, we have the full text of the first chapter of For Dead Eyes Only available for you to read online! You can also read several reviews of each book written by people who have read them (or add your own if you wish).
* We also have several book links for titles about Duke Nukem! From strategy guides, to help with editing your own levels, to Internet help, we have something that you can use if you play Duke Nukem (either on the PC or the console games)!
* There's also links to older games like Terminal Velocity & Rise of the Triad, too!

If you want to see the complete list of books we have available, check out our Books page today!

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