March 5, 1999

Duke Nukem Forever Preview

Gamespot UK has a
preview of Duke Nukem Forever
online. It doesn't contain any new information, but it is a nice summary of what's been said about the game so far. Head on over and check it out, but before you do, here's a small snippet from their preview:

Duke Nukem is one of the most popular and instantly recognisable characters in the history of gaming. The star of no less than 15 separate titles, the Duke is a modern gaming phenomenon. And the good news for PC fans is that Duke Nukem Forever, the Duke's fourth PC outing, should be set to debut sometime this year according to developer 3D Realms (Ed Note: Our release date is "when it's done", we haven't said when it will be released) - whose famous catchphrase when asked about release dates is usually: "When it's ready".

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