April 30, 1999

Interview With Scott Miller

The folks over at gamesplayer.com have done an interview with Scott Miller, founder of Apogee Software. In this interview, Scott fields questions that were posed to him in response to a recent plan update he made. Here's a few of the questions:

Q: The tech (r)evolution will fade out at some time or other but when? In a couple years? This year? And what tech will we have seen before this happens? What do you whish would be done before we get there?

A: Well, I never gave VR goggles much of a chance, but other than that I do not see any technology that's currently in vogue that is doomed to fade away.

Q: Cool hardware won't do anyone any good unless quality software is written to make use of all the neat stuff provided by the hardware. How much do you think that engines make up for gameplay? That is, could a developer license a great engine and get gameplay "for free" or would it still take special coding to get there?

A: A game engine doesn't really contain gameplay, though it might limit gameplay possibilities.

You should check out the entire Q&A session, it's got some good insights into Scott's thoughts on where gaming is going.

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