April 30, 1999

Maximum Coverage for Max Payne

E3 exclusive CGW coverMax Payne is packing heat with the press lately, with both Computer Gaming World (CGW) and PC Gamer showing Max Payne on their covers.

The big story is in CGW, where Max Payne is covered as part of a larger article about games coming from Gathering of Developers, a relatively new publisher based in Dallas, TX. Max gets a meaty 3-page spread with lots of insights and muzzle flash filled pictures.

Two juicy quotes from the article:

* "The designers have created realistic environments that are unmatched by anything we've seen."
* "If you've seen any John Woo movies, you already have a good idea of the kinds of moves Max is capable of performing."

Be sure to check out the June 1999 issue of CGW for the full scoop on Max Payne, as well as other games from Gathering of Developers.

This issue of Computer Gaming World will be distributed at May's E3 show. The cover that is shown here will be an exclusive cover produced solely for E3 and subscribers. The same magazine will be available on the news stands, but with a different cover.

Max Payne is also listed in PC Gamers' list of 100 games to look for in 1999. 100 games may sound like a lot, but keep in mind there are well over 1000 PC games released each year, so this list represents the top ten percent or better. Here's a quote: "The game's noirish feel and ultra-violent styling has generating a lot of early buzz -- and the gameplay looks set to back it up."

Also listed in the top 100 is Duke Nukem Forever, for which PC Gamer wrote: "For sheer fun and frolic, Duke Nukem 3D remains one of the greatest first-person shooters of all time. How can we not be excited about a sequel?"

Be sure to check out PC Gamer (June 1999 issue) for the complete list.

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