April 9, 1999

Interview with Lee Jackson

The "Ear on Games" Website has an interview with Lee Jackson out today, and the subject is music and sound in Duke Nukem Forever. Here's a few tidbits from the Q&A session:

EOG: Megadeth will be doing the theme song for DNF? Can you give some info on this?

Lee: They are doing a recording inspired by the extended version of Grabbag (the actual title of the theme song) that I wrote for the Plutonium Pak and Atomic Edition CDs. Anyone who has ever played track #2 of these CDs in a regular CD Audio player knows what I'm talking about. Megadeth is taking that version and running with it, so to speak. We plan on using this version as the "main titles" theme. I'll still be doing the rest of the music, with maybe one or two surprise exceptions that I can't talk about.

EOG: Can you give us some info on DNF's sound?

Lee: We're using the same sound engine that Unreal uses. Any hardware supported by that engine will be supported in Duke Nukem Forever.

To see what else Lee has to say about music and Duke Nukem Forever, check out the the full Q;A session today!

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