April 9, 1999

More on MRG Tech for Duke Nukem Forever

The Gurutech Web site over at http://www.gurutech.com has a mini interview with George Broussard (actually, it's just three quick questions) about the usage of the new Multi-Resolution Geomorty technology recently announced as licensed for Duke Nukem Forever. Here's what was said:

I had a small Q&A with George Broussard of 3D Realms concerning the Multi-Resolution Geometry technology they licensed for use in Duke 4.

Intaglio: How is Duke 4's development moving along with the addition and integrationin it? How do you feel the game has benefited from it? Are you planning to of Sven Technologies' Multi-Resolution Geometry technology? How long did the implimentation take, and what measures were involved use this technology in other upcoming games?

George Broussard: We've had the stuff in for something like 5-6 months. It dropped it in initially in a couple of days. We tweaked things over a couple of weeks and have had no problems. The game will benefit from drawing less polys than it needs to. DNF is a test bed for the technology for us, but I see no reason not to consider it for future games. It saves you from re-inventing the wheel.

Kind of interesting. I got motivated by yesterday's news of the technology being licensed.

Thanks to Greg Miller for pointing this out.

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