May 4, 1999

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Preview

IGN64 brings you video, video, video! The IGN64 site has a big update to their Duke Nukem: Zero Hour preview preview up now. This new update includes 10 video files you can download and check out, as well as several new screenshots. There's tons to see here, so make sure to head over to IGN today and check the stuff out! Here's a bit from some of the text that comes with the gaggle of Duke Multimedia...

*In Duke's latest adventure, the gun-toting bad-ass learns of an alien plot to destroy mankind. But this is no ordinary, run-of-the mill alien plot like Duke has fended off so many times in the past, this is the real deal.

*The biggest difference between Zero Hour and previous incarnations of Duke is that the game does not take place via an exclusive first-person view a la Quake. Whereas Duke Forever will hit PCs running on the Unreal engine and retaining the series' classic shooter view, Zero Hour takes an alternate approach to the franchise: a third-person view, leaving the first-person action to multiplayer activity only.

*Duke Nukem: Zero Hour looks to be a very promising title for many reasons: the first and most obvious, it's a Duke Nukem game.

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