June 10, 1999

A Look Back at Duke Nukem 3D

The 3D Gaming Network has an article online today, which is a look at Duke Nukem 3D. The piece is called "Look Back: Duke Nukem 3D", and was written by two 3DGN staffers, Eric Rasmussen & Rob Walker. In it, they talk about their memories of Duke Nukem 3D and how it affected them in 1996 (It's now been 3 years since we shipped the full version of Duke 3D now!). Here's a bit of what they had to say..

*One of the reasons Duke3d is such a classic is because of its wacky humor and unorthodox style. You weren't just "Space Marine"; you were a real character with personality, "Duke Nukem."

*The weapons were unique throughout the game also; many of which still haven't been exceeded in terms of sheer creativity and fun.

*It had the best humor in any game to date, and the action doesn't disappoint either.

They had a lot more to say about the game, so make sure to check out the entire Duke Nukem 3D lookback over at 3DGN today!

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