June 10, 1999

Duke Nukem Forever

A short update to let everyone know that we updated the the list of team members working on Duke Nukem Forever today. We are aware that we have little to nothing in the way of Duke Nukem Forever info on our web site, but that's by design. We may (keyword is may here) do some work on putting some info on the web site shortly, but nothing solid has been discussed here. If you're looking for Duke Nukem Forever info, here are two places that it's good to look at:

*Our Web Forums - We have a section set aside for Duke Nukem Forever, and various team members drop in from time to time to say something.

*3D Portal's Duke Nukem Forever FAQ - This is the official FAQ for Duke Nukem Forever, and contains any info that we've released about the game. If you're looking for something and it's not in this FAQ, then we haven't released any info about it.

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