July 6, 1999

A Duke Quickie

Come get some!If your Max Payne quickie wasn't enough, then you can also get a Duke Nukem quickie!

3D Gaming Net has a Duke Nukem quickie online too. It's their preview of Duke Nukem Forever (with the same cool header graphic, some of which is shown here - Duke would like it ). The preview has a few screenshots, but they're from the video we released at the 1998 E3. They seem to be really jazzed for the game, check out what they said about it.

* They (3D Realms) have said they have "God-like" control over their brushes and models allowing for a level of interactivity surpassing any current game.

* If you aren't excited about Duke Nukem Forever then you're obviously not human but rather an alien.

* Some fun things that are rumored to be reappearing in Duke Nukem Forever are the Shrink gun and pipe bombs, blowing holes in walls, the exotic dancers (now motion captured!), and the aforementioned Dr. Proton from the Duke sidescrollers (Duke Nukem 1 and Duke Nukum 2).

They really seem to be eager for this game to come out, go check out why!

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