July 6, 1999

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Preview

As Duke Nukem: Zero Hour inches closer to it's street date, Gaming Age has a new preview. It's a pretty cool preview, which lists several things N64 fans are sure to like about the game, including weapons, game play, graphics, and (of course) screenshots. Here's some of what they have to say about the game.

* Similar to other Nintendo 64 titles, there are two graphical options for Zero Hour. The first is playing without the Expansion Pak which brings in speedier frame-rate, but a lower resolution. The other option is playing with the Expansion Pak enabled, which brings in a higher resolution, but a slightly choppier frame-rate.

* The big difference between Duke Nukem 64 and Zero Hour is not only the graphics but also the viewpoint. Instead of the norm first-person-shooter, the entire adventure takes place behind Duke�s back in the third person.

Gaming Age does a bang-up job on whittling down the important issues of the game into a good quick review. Make sure to check it out today, and if you're interested in learning more, check out our own Zero Hour pages. Thanks Patrick Klepeck.

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