July 6, 1999

Matt Wood Interviewed

Our own Matt Wood (level designer, Duke Nukem Forever) was interviewed recently by the '3D Map Realm' Web site. The interview covers things like Duke Nukem Forever, map design theory, and where Matt thinks level design is headed. Here's some quotes from the interview.

Q: What exactly is your part in making a game?

A:My part in the design process is to work with all the other mappers and help create the 'game' you will actually play. I'm also in charge of physically making the specific levels that we've come up with.

Q: Most people have their own ideas about what working in your industry is like. What is it REALLY like?

A: For the most part it's really great, but i do relate it a lot to high school sometimes. You have freshman who can act like seniors and seniors that can act like 5th graders.

Q: Anything else you'd like to say?

A: You guys wont be disappointed with Duke Nukem Forever. You will be no less than blown away by it. 'Hail to the King, Baby....'

This interview gives you some good insight into the mind of a professional map designer. Check it out!

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