July 7, 1999

The End

No, no, no. We're not shutting down or anything. We wanted to point out an article over at 3D Gaming Network about game endings. Most computer games don't spend a whole lot of time on their endings (who can forget Doom's "awesome" ending), and this article hits on this much ignored aspect of our game genre. This article covers several games such as Final Fantasy 7, Starcraft, Warcraft, Wing Commander, and others.

They do talk a couple of times about our own Duke Nukem 3D. They thought our endings were hilarious.. Here, read what they had to say about it.

For humor, take a gander at Duke Nukem 3d. The ending to each episode was freaking hilarious, and the last one had me laughing for quite a while before I calmed down. It may not have had the depth of Warcraft 2, but it made the ending "fun", and it made people laugh.

The author (Eric Rasmussen) makes some pretty cool points about how a good ending could actually help the game in question. Make sure to check out what he has to say, it's a pretty cool article!

In other 3DGN news, I got an email from Rick Stutz over there after I posted the articles about the "Quickies" yesterday. He wanted to point out that they have some bitmaps available of that character art in addition to two other similar types of characters. If you like that graphic, you can download a larger version for a windows background! (You can get #2 and #3 via these links)

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