August 17, 1999

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Interview

3D Portal's Dukeworld has a new interview up with Eurocom, the makers of Duke Nukem: Zero Hour for the Nintendo 64. In this interview, Bill & Kevin (producer & designer of the game) speak with Dukeworld about several facets of game development. Here's a few questions from the full interview:

Q: It's been recently announced that the game has gone gold for production, when will we be seeing it in stores most likely?
A: It looks like the game should be ready to ship in late August.

Q: Some gamers may be thinking "I already own Duke Nukem: Time to Kill for the PlayStation, what's so different about Zero Hour?" What key features separate the two games most in your opinion?
A: They are completely different games, not just different platform-specific versions. Zero Hour is more action-based than the exploration style gameplay of Time to Kill. We have all-new enemies (and more of them too), more guns, bigger and better-looking levels, high-resolution textures, faster gameplay, a superior camera system, full 4-player Dukematch, loads of real-time cut scenes, tons of speech, supporting characters to fight alongside you, all-new time zones, and the chance to kick Jack the Ripper's ass.

Q: Zero Hour also supports the new four MB video memory expansion pak for the Nintendo 64, what are some of the technical specifications on the game's graphics with and without the expansion pak?

A: We worked damn hard to get the game running at 30 fps even without the Expansion Pak. We used the Pak to allow a choice of custom hi-res modes, as well as really pump up all the explosions, light-sourcing, lens flares and other effects.

This is a very good interview - not your usual couple of questions that ask the same thing we already know. Make sure to check out the full interview over at Dukeworld today!

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