September 3, 1999

Duke Nukem Joins Monster Cable Program

Today, a press release was issued by Monster Cable Products, a manufacturer of cables and accessories announcing Duke Nukem's 'endorsement' of their product line. Below is the press release:

Monster Cable Products, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of high-end, audio, video, computer, gaming cables, and accessories, proudly announces that world-renowned alien ass-kicker Duke Nukem is lending his name to their prestigious line-up of Famous Monsters. In the past, Monster Cable has relied on a very select group of top musicians and entertainment industry professionals who use and endorse Monster Cable to complete the Famous Monsters roster. Today, Monster Cable adds a man so elite, that he is in a field of one. As a many time world-saver, highly successful entrepreneur, best-selling author (Why I'm So Great, ISBN: 0-7821-1869-0) and famed babe-magnet, Nukem is clearly one of the most famous men on the planet-and is pleased to team with Monster Cable.

"Hey--they asked. I'm the best. They're the best. Good fit," noted Nukem. When pressed for more, Nukem rearranged the cigar in his teeth, adding, "I got a call from Noel Lee, the boss over there, he actually goes by the name 'The Head Monster,' clearly this guy knows what he likes-in addition to making the best cables on the planet." Nukem grinned, "I can respect that."

Not only is Monster Cable supplying their superlative cabling for Duke's computer systems and home theaters, including full wiring for his new Las Vegas casino, The LadyKiller, they're also wiring his award winning game studio, 3D Realms Entertainment. 3D Realms is currently developing Nukem's much awaited PC game, Duke Nukem Forever.

When asked for final words, Nukem snarled, "Monster Cable. Come Get Some."

If you'd like to download a Microsoft Word version of the press release, you can do so here.

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