October 25, 1999

Game Soundtracks

Friday's edition of the USA Today newspaper contained an article entitled "Game soundtracks making noise". This article features quite prominently (with a picture and a short side story) the Duke Nukem: Music to Score by CD.

The focus of the article is not on any one particular CD, but on the trend of having "name musicians" (as opposed to regular game music authors) appearing on game soundtracks. In addition to the Duke CD, they also touch on Jon Anderson of the progressive rock band Yes, as well as rock stalwart David Bowie in addition to others like Rob Zombie & Trent Reznor. Here's what they have to say about the Music to Score by CD:

Publisher GT Interactive is already angling for Grammy consideration with its new soundtrack, Duke Nukem: Songs to Score By, a 12-track compilation with previously unreleased material from Megadeth along with Typo O Negative, Stabbing Westward, Slayer and others. Also on the CD: 175 megabytes of interactive content, such as screen savers, wallpaper and strategy guides.

This is a pretty cool article, so head on over to USA today and check out the article today! If you'd like to learn more about the Duke Nukem: Music to Score by CD, check out our page for it, which includes info, music sample downloads, as well as ordering information!

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