October 25, 1999

Interview with Joe Siegler

AGN has posted a new interview with our webmaster, Joe Siegler. In this interview, Joe is asked about his involvement with our games, his history with the company (which is over 7 years), console games, and many other topics. Here's a few short bits from the interview:

Q: In my opinion, 3D Realms is one of the best put together gaming company websites. Always up-to-date, and refutably the highest hit count , how long have you worked on the website?

A: I'm the only Webmaster we've ever had. The first ever web site we had went online in 1995. Before that, our online presence was on places like CompuServe, America Online, & the Software Creations BBS.

Q: Do you do any actual work on games at 3D Realms, or is the online side your main business?

A: I have my hands in every game we release. I write all the disk based documentation in our games, as well as create the installation programs for all of our games since Major Stryker in Jan of 1993.

There's a lot more in this interview with Joe, so make sure and check it out today!

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