October 6, 1999

Games that Refuse to Die

Over the weekend, we were informed of an article that was placed online entitled "Games that refuse to die: Duke Nukem 3D". This article, written by JontheGrape, is an interesting look at Duke Nukem 3D's continuing popularity. This article examines why the game has remained a popular one both from a gameplay standpoint, and also from an editability standpoint. The article contains thoughts from Jon, as well as Andy Morris from 3D Portal, and our own Webmaster, Joe Siegler (among others). Here's a few quotes from the article:

1. The reason why I still love that game, and still go back to it once in a while is pretty obvious -- it's just pure fun!! The blowing from the rockets, the explosions, and the chicks is amazing, and always -- here's that word again -- FUN. (JontheGrape)

2. Proving it's still alive even more so than the TCs are the amounts of maps and other individual files people are still producing to this day. We get a nice steady stream of user maps, CON hacks, replacement art, etc. month after month, and insane amounts of downloads for all of them. (Andy Morris)

3. We gave the player someone to identify with, and the success of the games that have followed have shown this (Gordon Freeman, Johnny Blade). Companies have seen that you need a character to have a really big hook to get the player involved with the games' character. (Joe Siegler)

This is a pretty cool article, so make sure and check it all out today!

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