October 8, 1999

Max Payne Interview

Recently, our webmaster Joe Siegler conducted an interview with Petri Jarvilehto, project lead on the Remedy Entertainment/3D Realms game, Max Payne. Petri had several things to say about Max Payne, the game's history, what it's like doing a game being based in Finland, and other cool things.

Check out the full interview with Petri here. Before you do that, here's a small bit of the interview to whet your appetite.

Q: How beneficial do you feel that your recent trip to New York was to the "feel" of the game?

A: It was extremely good. The mappers came back from NY with approx. 5500 photographs (digicams are great), and 12 hours of video footage. Before the trip, we were still holding back on some of the back street scenarios (dude, no-one is going to believe you if you make the rooms that dirty), but after seeing on-site some of the real drug-dens, construction sites, abandoned buildings etc. the mappers have been going all-out creating the sleaze and filth *grin*. Also, now we have authentic material for all of the signs, posts, which creates a lot more realistic experience.

NOTE: As of April 2006, this interview appears lost from our servers. The original filename is maxint1099.html, but it cannot be located anywhere at this time.

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