October 20, 1999

New Version of the Apogee FAQ Released

Samuel Stoddard is a name that you probably haven't heard much before, but he has authored one of the more interesting documents written about us and our games. Back in August of 1994, Sam started an Apogee FAQ. It was "officialized" shortly after that, and became the official FAQ on our company.

This is an extremely well written FAQ, and if you've ever had an oddball question about Apogee, 3D Realms, Pinball Wizards, or our staff, this is the place to find an answer. There's little in the way of information that isn't in here, and if you have ever played one of our games, this FAQ is for you!

A new version was released today (v6.4), and you can download it from the FAQ area of our web site. There is both a plain text version as well as an HTML version available. You should really check this out, as it covers some of the more asked questions such as:

* What's the difference between Duke Nukem & Duke Nukum?
* "Call Apogee & say Aardwolf" - What's that?
* Who designed each of the 174 officially released Rise of the Triad levels?
* What do Fury3 & Hellbender have to do with Terminal Velocity?
* What released games of ours were originally called Mercenary 2029 & The Adventures of Zonk?
* Was there really a v1.3 of Wolfenstein 3D?
* Did you know that Doom & Descent were originally Apogee games?

These obscure questions (and a lot lot more) can be answered by checking out the Apogee/3D Realms FAQ. Do it today!

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