October 21, 1999

Rise of the Triad Levels Released!

In a bit of a throwback to one of our earlier games, we've released a pack of levels for our mid 90's release, Rise of the Triad. You can download this level pack by clicking on the ROTT logo below.

Back in early 1995 when Rise of the Triad was a new game, there was a special shareware version of the game produced entitled "Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins Deluxe Edition". The game itself was the same, the only difference between the regular shareware and the deluxe shareware was the inclusion of 6 additional levels (3 regular & 3 Comm-bat) in the deluxe version that never appeared in any other variant of the game. The six levels are entitled:

Regular : Prelude to a Kill, Jumpin Jehoshapat, & Gadzooks!
Comm-Bat: The Siege, The Box, Rise & Tide

All 6 levels were designed by Tom Hall, and you can use these either on your registered Rise of the Triad game, or on the shareware edition. The other levels in these level packs are the existing shareware levels - these extras are in addition to the shareware levels that are already in your game.

In October of 1999, these levels were finally released to the general public, as this product is no longer sold commercially. As a piece of historical note, the level "Rise & Tide" was actually named after a magazine review of Rise of the Triad at the time that mistakenly referred to the game as "Rise & Tide".

If you're a fan of Rise of the Triad, you should check out the ROTT downloads on our master download page. There's tons of over levels available for your registered game, as well as level editors and other cool stuff.

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