November 12, 1999

Gameslice on Duke Forever Screenshots

Geoff Keighley, an old friend of ours runs the Gameslice gaming news site. A few days ago, he wrote about the Duke Nukem Forever screenshots we released back on the first of the month. Here's what he has to say in his weekly "The Gist List" article..

Although Duke Nukem has been enjoying massive success on the console format, he's been noticeably absent from the PC since Duke Nukem 3D arrived over three years ago. Well, last week the Internet was abuzz with the first screenshots released from the Unreal-engine powered Duke Nukem Forever, set to arrive in the new millennium. First off, it was refreshing to see a group of screenshots that actually showed a game that's well into development, as opposed to the usual first batch of screenshots from a game where all you get are desolate environmental shots with nifty fog (Can we all say Rune?).

Geoff has lots more to say about the Duke Nukem Forever shots, so make sure and get the gist of it!

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