November 29, 1999

George Broussard Interview

If you haven't seen it already, make sure and check out the recent Dukeworld interview with George Broussard, project leader for Duke Nukem Forever. In the wake of the recently released Duke Nukem Forever screenshots, George was asked several questions about the game by the folks over at Dukeworld. Here's a sample of what he had to say:

* Q: Why make this decision now (Ed Note: Implementing the UT code) despite the fact that you've stated in the past you had broken off from the Unreal code base?

A: We broke off our code at Unreal 220. But unfortunately that was a fairly unstable version of the engine. We had intended to continue on our own, but Epic simply did too good a job with UT. It's faster, has better net code, better interface, better video drivers. All in all UT is the culmination of all the Unreal tech work and the focus of Epic's efforts since Unreal shipped last year. Not patching to it would be a colossal mistake.

* Q: Duke Nukem: Music to Score by was recently released, the music CD included what could be the title song for Duke Nukem Forever done by the band Megadeth. Have you guys reached a final decision here yet?

A: No. We weren't really happy with the final version, and had some changes to it. Politics and lack of communication led to things falling apart. Next time we'll deal with bands directly instead of through publishers and record company agents. Things tend to get muddy then. Had we and Megadeth talked directly I'm sure we both would have been a lot more happy.

* Q: Have you finalized the weapons in Duke Nukem Forever, and can you talk at all about what they might be?

A: We're not talking specifics as it spoils the surprise of the game. But only about half of the weapons currently exist. All of them are planned out on paper though. It's just getting to the work of getting them in the game and making them fun.

George had a lot more to say about Duke Nukem Forever, so make sure and check out the full interview today!

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