November 12, 1999

Interview with Scott Miller

RPOV Interviews has a new interview up today with Scott Miller of 3D Realms. This interview covers the usual subjects our guys get asked (What's in Duke Forever, When will it be out? What else is going on?), as well as a few original questions you don't normally see. Here's a sample:

Q: You recently stated that DNF is using the Unreal Tournament version of the engine but that "a LOT" of new technology has been added. Could you give a few examples of enhancements that the DNF team have made?
A: A few general things:
* Model/animation system on par or better than anything I've seen in PC gaming. (This system, combined with our motion captured animation, will give DNF perhaps the best looking characters and enemies seen on the PC.)
* The scripting system is greatly enhanced and far more flexible.
* Realtime backward and forward level-of-detail, which scales down models to increase framerate (when characters are at a distance), and also adds detail to models when close up (meaning that characters will look more detailed than even the source model).
* There are other major tech additions, but I cannot go into them now. However, I can add that DNF's scripting system is so advanced that we can make practically anything in the game interactive. For example, we've released a screen shot that shows a video poker machine. It ain't just for looks. ;-)

Q: Music can be a crucial element to creating an action movie feel. Who have you (or Remedy) hired to do the music in Max Payne?
A: A very good in-house sound artist, Tero Kostermaa, who's making highly appropriate mood- setting music that'll be context sensitive. Making original music usually produces better end results than hiring a well-known band and hoping that the band understands the vision for the game.

Q: It was announced in 1997 that Pocket Books was going to be creating some Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem novels. The Duke books were slated to be released in conjunction with DNF. Is this still planned?
A: No, because DNF is introducing so many new characters and ideas that until the game is done we don't want to have any novels written that might wind up being based on old or incorrect background information. Also, just because Duke is a great video game star doesn't mean that he'll translate into a great book character. I think Duke could make a great comic book, but I have my doubts about doing novels. We'll see. If we get a great writer on the project, then we might still do some novels.

Scott has a lot more to say in this interview, so head on over to RPOV today, and check it out!

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