December 21, 1999

Gamespy Looks Forward to DNF & Max Payne

The Gamespy site is currently running a piece all week entitled "Gamespy Preview of 2000". Each day this week, they are posting what they're looking forward to from several games over a few different genres. For example, Monday the 20th was Action games day, today is Strategy games day, and Friday is a hardware preview.

Two of our games made their article, both on the Action Games day; Max Payne & Duke Nukem Forever. Here's a bit of what they had to say about each:

Duke Nukem Forever: Duke Nukem Forever will use the beautiful Unreal Tournament engine from Epic, while keeping the sheer Cool Factor(R) that made Duke 3D such a hit. In this latest Duke installment, expect to see Dr. Proton and his evil cohorts, law (ahem) enforcers, and, hopefully, lots of scantily clad women who like dollar bills. Also expect lots of classic Duke quotes, as well as new ones. Hail to the King, baby!

Max Payne: Remedy is taking pains to deliver a realistic game, going as far as to send a team of artists to New York City to get ideas for environments. You can also expect top-notch graphics from Max Payne as well, since it is an accelerated-only game. If action gaming with an action movie theme is what sends your heart pounding, then Max Payne may be what you are looking for.

There's more on both of these games at Gamespy's Preview of 2000, so make sure to check it all out today!

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