December 20, 1999

The Millenium's Biggest Games

There's no question Duke Nukem Forever is one of the most anticipated games; perhaps the real question is whether it's actually going to come out in 2000. 3D Realms gave us the first glimpse of the game in November, and based on the screenshots, it looks like the long time in development has been well spent on detailed character models and realistic Las Vegas-based locations. Since the release of Half-Life I haven't seen a good traditional single player action game. For 2000, it looks like Duke Forever has the best shot of any game at one-upping Half-Life.

This is what Geoff Keighley of Gameslice has to say about Duke Nukem Forever in his article entitled, "2000 Platinum: The Millenium's Biggest Games". In the article, Geoff covers a total of six upcoming games in the next year. Some of the others he mentions are The Sims, Anachronox, Halo, Diablo II, & Warcraft 3.

Make sure to check this out, as it covers a lot of games that not only Geoff is looking forward to, but several of us at 3D Realms are as well!

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