January 3, 2000

Eurogamer's Picks for 2000

Recently, the gaming site Eurogamer ran an article entitled simply, "Picks for 2000". This article covered their games that you should watch out for this year. In the article, they picked Duke Nukem Forever & Max Payne. Here's a bit of what they said about each game:

*Duke Nukem Forever: "Duke Nukem Forever. Hail to the King baby!" So says Nick Loman. And who can blame him for getting excited at the prospect of a new Duke Nukem game based on the gorgeous 3D engine used by Unreal Tournament?

*Max Payne: Our hardware specialist, Peter Male, has his eye on this one. "Looking at 3D Mark 2000, which uses the same engine technology as Max Payne, I think that Remedy's first game will be truly awesome."

Make sure to check out the entire article to check out the other games Eurogamer says you should be on the look out for in the year 2000!

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