March 10, 2000

George interviewed about Duke Nukem Forever

The Shugashack gaming news site hasa new interview with George Broussard online this morning. This rather large four page interview covers a wide range of topics from Duke Nukem Forever, Prey, online message forums, and more Duke. However, most of the interview is about Duke Nukem Forever. Take a look at a few things George had to say in the interview:

Shack: Realistically, what sort of system will DNF run on acceptably? , and will DNF have software mode?

Broussard: Software is a debate now. It think it will go away, but we will see. Put it this way. If software gets in our way at all, it's gone. Dead and buried. We aren't going to spend time making things run fast or look great in software. As for system specs, look for Unreal Tournament for a good example. I think something like a P2/400 with Voodoo 2-3/TNT 2 and 128 megs would be a good base system for the game. A P2/600 with Voodoo 4/GeForce and 256 megs would be better.

Shack: Will the city levels be big? Big meaning, will the level have dozens of city blocks with dozens of buildings that the player will be able to enter and explore?

Broussard: No, probably not. That's more suited to an adventure/RPG style game. There will be big, large areas, but you aren't going to be presented with "Here is a city, now go any direction and explore it". That is, however, a great idea for a future game.

There is a ton more in this interview, you owe it to yourself to go read it immediately. Head on over to Shugashack for the whole thing. Thanks to Greg Miller.

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