March 14, 2000

More George - More Duke

Over the weekend, Shugashack put Part II of an interview with George Broussard. Last Friday they published a rather interesting interview with George, and they're back with more. Take a look at a few things George had to say the second time around:

Shack - Don't you think your game will look dated if you don't finish the game this year? Hell it's going to look dated anyways no matter how many cool textures you guys use. But If it's not out before all the q3 engine games don't you think you people will have missed your technology window?

Broussard - This is a very narrow, elitist 5% online gamer view. Your mass market player (that will push a game over 1 million sales) can't even tell between UT and Q3A tech. In fact a lot of die hard gamers don't even care. Further, there isn't that huge a leap between the two engines. They both do different things, and each do things the other doesn't do. In my opinion it's a draw and a toss up. If you think someone will look at a UT based game, then a Q3A based game and say "ugh, I'm not buying that because it looks dated", then you are simply wrong.

Shack - Have you gotten rid of the "cheap" feel of the Unreal Engine? Unreal engine technology plays like shit, especially online (yes, UT netcode is still a joke) I would hate to see it spoil a promising game.

Broussard - This is just flat out wrong. UT net code a joke? Tell that to all the servers running UT (which seems to always be neck in neck with Q3 servers). If it's crap, there wouldn't be all those servers. We play UT online all the time and it's just fine.

There is a ton more in this follow-up - check it out here. Make sure to check out Part I of this interview as well - check out the news story right below this one for more details on the first part.

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