April 24, 2000

Duke Nukem 3D Sound Patch Updated

Ken Silverman has updated the Duke Nukem 3D sound patch released last week. This update to the patch includes code which will solve the same problem for folks with Duke Nukem 3D v1.3d! Here's a repeat of the original story about the patch.. If you are having sound problems with Duke Nukem 3D (most specifically with your Sound Blaster Live card), check out this patch. Also, you should check out the readme for the patch before you install it.

For some time now, several customers of ours who have PCI sound cards (most specifically the Sound Blaster Live) have experienced sound problems when playing Duke Nukem 3D. Not everyone has encountered this problem, but for those who did, the sound errors and irregularities have been particularly annoying.

Help is finally available for these folks. Available now on our master download page is a very small patch for Duke Nukem 3D which will correct this problem. If you download this patch and apply it, it will correct the problem for you. A few caveats about the patch:

*This is only for the following versions of Duke Nukem 3D: v1.3d shareware, v1.3d registered, v1.5 'Atomic Edition'

*No functionality is added to the game, nor is any game play changed. This is a minor sound patch only.

*If you use this on v1.3d registered, the Plutonium PAK Installation WILL FAIL no matter what you do. You'll need to reinstall v1.3d from the original CD to get the Plutonium PAK to work.

You can download this patch now, and if you run into any trouble, please make sure that your version of Duke Nukem 3D is installed, and has not been modified. If it has, the patch is likely to fail. In that event, you should reinstall your game from the original CD's and attempt to reapply the patch. If this still does not work, contact our Tech Support department.

For further technical support on any of our games, please visit our new Tech Support Online area, which contains the most common answers and solutions for just about every one of our games.

A special thanks goes out to Ken Silverman for getting this patch worked out. Ken is the original Build code programmer, and you can visit his web site here.

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