April 19, 2000

Follow up to E3 Announcement

Two days ago, we announced that we would not be showing Duke Nukem Forever at next month's E3 show. Since that announcement, there's been a lot of response to the decision, mostly positive. George Broussard updated his .plan file today with some follow-up to the announcement. Here's that text:

The response to our E3 decision was very positive. It seems most gamers want the following:

*More surprise in games, and less telling of all the features beforehand

*Don't announce a game until it's well underway and near release, so as to avoid hype (We will be doing this next time around gang).

I got emails from developers, publishers, web site guys and of course, fans. And the following message sums up the general feeling I saw in most people.

"I have been reading the recent activity on the Voodoo Extreme Comment Boards. I just want you to know that there are hardcore gamers such as myself who support your decision to keep a lid on DNF 110%. Honestly, I hope I don't see *anything* on Duke until it comes out. It goes back to what you've been saying for a while: the surprise factor. The game will be much cooler if gamers don't know every weapon, item, locale, and monster. Please keep it this way as long as possible.

I don't think I've been surprised by a game since the original DOOM. Back then, none of us knew anything about it, we just fired up the game and the experience was heavily peppered with exclamations of "Cool!" and "Whoa!" The first time we got the chainsaw, the first time we saw the CyberDemon, etc. I sincerely hope DNF can bring back this "virgin" experience that the internet and print gaming media have taken away."

I think we can all recall the old Doom days, or Duke 3D, where a game came virtually out of nowhere and blew you away. You didn't have a list of all the locations, items, weapons and monsters. You just loaded it and went "Wow". We are returning to those days long past.

Thanks to those of you that understand.

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