April 19, 2000

The 3D Realms Webring

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The Official 3D Realms WebRing is now open for business! What's a WebRing? Here's some text on that from the WebRing Home Page...

A WebRing is a way to group sites of similar interest together in a "Ring." Links on each page allow you to move from one site to the next, eventually traveling the entire Ring to end up where you started.

For awhile, there was a WebRing run by a user by the nickname of PCB. He is no longer involved in the community, and he turned over control of his WebRing to me, so I did a little work on it, and I'm starting what will be the Official 3D Realms WebRing. This will give us two kinds of sets of links for our games. We maintain our own list of links for various games(you can see those here). There will also be the new WebRing where you can add your own site to the list.

If you have a 3D Realms/Apogee related site, make sure and drop by the WebRing page today and sign up!

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