April 18, 2000

Joe Siegler Interview

Joe Siegler (the 3D Realms Webmaster) was interviewed yesterday by the Edge Gaming Site, and this morning they posted the interview. This interview focuses mainly on the 3D Realms website, things Joe does, and a bit of his background. Not much on Duke Forever, though. Here's a bit from the interview:

Q: How did you become Webmaster for 3D Realms?

A: I was already doing what the job was at home, only if they gave me that, I'd get a paycheck for it. I suppose I was forceful enough that they decided to give it to me after a few months' training on the phone lines, so I could both learn the product, and the could hire someone else to replace me. My first official online support act was to release v1.4 of Wolfenstein 3D in Jan of 1993, and then Major Stryker. Since we already had online online support for us on several places (BBS's, Fidonet, Compuserve, AOL, etc), when we launched our first web site in mid 1995, I was the person that did that.

Q: What is your favorite non-3D Realms game and why?

A: Right now, the games I'm playing the most are The Sims, Unreal Tournament. and High Heat Baseball.

There's a whole lot more in this interview with Joe, make sure to check it out today, and while you're there, check out the rest of the Edge Gaming Network, too!

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