April 18, 2000

Duke in Time

The current issue of Time magazine has a cover story on Testosterone, steroids, and other male body building vitamins and supplements. The cover of the magazine is shown to your right here. Several articles make up the entire piece, but one in particular makes mention of our own Duke Nukem. The specific article is entitled "Never Buff Enough", and here's what they had to say about Duke:

Pope also points out a stunning little feature of the three-year-old video game Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown, developed by GT Interactive Software. When Duke gets tired, he can find a bottle of steroids to get him going. "Steroids give Duke a super adrenaline rush," the game manual notes.

No, that's not the Pope in the Vatican. Anyway, check out the article if you want to read up more on what Time magazine has to say about this issue by clicking on the magazine cover shown above.

Thanks Lynn Siegler.

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