May 1, 2000

3D Realms Online Store Now Open!

This morning, The 3D Realms Online Store officially opened for business! Available now, you can order games and items direct from 3D Realms online.

This new store (hosted by Yahoo shopping) will let you order items from us as if you called us on the phone, faxed us, or wrote us a letter. In addition, selected older titles are available for immediate download (one your credit card has been processed & charged). Here's a few highlights from the store's functionality:

*The online store will be an extension of our already existing ordering system. In other words, you'll be able to place orders online in addition to calling us, faxing us, or mailing in your order and have it shipped to you.

*In addition to being able to place orders to be shipped to you, selected registered titles will be available for immediate download from the store.

*You can mix these orders - in other words you can place orders that have both items to be shipped to you, and items to be downloaded in the same order.

*The items in the online store will match the product line that you can order from our 800 line.

This means that previously discontinued titles will remain discontinued.

*We will accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, & Discover.

*We will ship anywhere in the world that we're legally allowed to by the US Government.

One cool thing about the store being hosted by Yahoo Shopping is that you can (optionally) interact with all the other stores that use Yahoo Shopping. Some of the other Yahoo Shopping clients include the Denver Broncos & Atlanta Falcons football teams, the Houston Astros & Minnesota Twins baseball teams, FAO Schwarz, Ben & Jerry's, rederick's of Hollywood, FTD Flowers, NASA, Miramax Films, and a whole lot more.

You can visit the store today by clicking here, or via the Online Store icon that appears at the top of every page of our web site.

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