May 2, 2000

Duke Nukem: Endangered Species Hunter

A story turned up yesterday on Avault regarding a future title, "Duke Nukem: Endangered Species Hunter". Here's a bit from the article, including some quotes from George Broussard:

Titled DUKE NUKEM: Endangered Species, the game is being developed for the PC at Russian-based Action Forms, creators of the dinosaur hunting titles Carnivores and Carnivores 2, and the first-person shooter Chasm. For all the genre's low budget posturing, this is good news for fans of the character, whose ever-present shades should prove useful in the hot sun of the Serengeti. Broussard said the team has a super-fast, high-tech landscape engine he calls impressive. "The team also believes in photo realistic art, so count on great visuals," Broussard added.

Broussard told the Adrenaline Vault the product will be out--and we saw this coming--"when it's done." Before fans get downhearted, 3D Realms' co-founder promised Endangered Species is not planned as a massive 24-month project, nor is the Gathering targeting the product to be a full-priced release. �It will be a high quality, fun, budget level DUKE game with all the edge fans have come to expect. It will surprise a lot of people what designers can do with a good idea and [a reasonable budget],� Broussard said.

More on this later (but not today ).

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