May 26, 2000

Duke Nukem Marries Lara Croft?

That's something that a lot of younger fans seem to ask us a lot. No, it's not really happening, but if you want to make it happen now, you can. How? Well, if you're familiar with the Maxis smash game, "The Sims", you now have it in your hands to be able to do this.

It was recently brought to our attention by "Buke" that there is a Duke Nukem skin for the game out there. It's available at the site "The 7 Deadly Sims", and a picture of it is shown here. Other skins you can pick up there are Lara Croft (with or without shades), as well as one of the recent E3 3D Realms Duke Nukem booth babes. Yup - one of our booth babes has been modeled in the Sims, too! If you own the Sims, you should definitely check out these for your game. We did, and are working on a very funny story with Duke Nukem, Lara Croft, & the booth babe model. That story will be posted shortly.

Check out these screen shots below of the skins.

Posted by Joe Siegler on May 26, 2000 at 1:45 PM | Permalink
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