May 18, 2000

E3 Photos Online

From our Webmaster, Joe Siegler...

"Well, after a couple of days prep work, the E3 pictures I took are now online. I actually used much less than I took - there's more, but I weeded out a ton of duplicates, and pared it down to about 50% of what I took. Still, you're not really missing anything, and while there is a lot, I had a ton of requests after the last E3 for more pictures than I put online before, so that's what I did this time. I've also separated them out so it takes less than 30 seconds to download each page (on a 56k modem), and put in jumps, so if you don't have the time to look at all of them at once, you can come back to another page quite easily.

You can hit the picture archive by visiting our "Caught on Camera" section of our website where you can see pictures from other events we've been to and done, not just this recent E3 show. Also, in a funny bit of E3 fluff, we were sent this video file by someone - it's one of the Duke girls jumping rope in the lobby of E3. You can see a still here, but if you want a video file of her jumping rope (as well as the other Duke girl, too), you can download the video by clicking here."

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