May 28, 2000

Gamespot Best of E3 - Max Payne

The gaming news site Gamespot has chosen their "Best of E3" awards based on what they saw at this year's E3 show in Los Angeles. Among the various winners was Remedy Entertainment's Max Payne. Gamespot has it in the "Most Potent Action Games" category. Here's what they had to say about Max Payne:

Max Payne is a third-person action shooter that's been in development for a long time and won't be released "until it's done." However, the build we saw at E3 looked very impressive - it showed an enormous amount of detail, both on the character model of Max (and his enemies) and in the game's gritty New York City environments, which included skycrapers and dingy subway stations.

Max Payne won't just be a shallow shooter; the game will record each of Max's exploits in a graphic novel that will include JPEG images of the gunfights and adventures he's survived, as well as a vocal narrative by Max himself.

To learn more about Max Payne, as well as download your own copy of the floor video from the recent E3 show, visit the Official Max Payne site at right now!

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