May 26, 2000

The (Simmed) Duke Nukem Family Story

As promised earlier in the day, here is the story promised about Duke Nukem, the E3 booth babe, & Lara Croft in "The Sims". There are around 60 pictures, each with a caption. They all tell a funny story, so make sure to check 'em all out. The subjects range from babes to hot tubs to overflowing toilets to other stuff we don't want to tell you about now - you'll have to read the story. Here's one sample from the full story...

"Duke sets the stove on fire after trying to light it with a flame thrower!"

Just one small remark to those who will try and read too much into this story... This is all a joke played out in "The Sims" by Maxis. There are no plans to actually do this either from 3D Realms or Eidos. Repeat to yourself.. It's just a joke - it's just a joke - it's just a joke! Thanks once more to Buke for letting us know about these skins!

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