July 7, 2000


George Broussard (DNF project lead) issued a plan update today regarding a few changes here at 3D Realms. Here's some of the text from his plan update:


We say goodbye to Chris Hargrove tomorrow. Chris will be missed and has been with DNF since it's start. Chris is leaving for mainly personal reasons and it is 100% amicable. Also, Chris has done a small interview on GameDev.net that will clarify his leaving to put the rumor mill to rest. You can read it at:


Chris picked a perfect time to leave, and we appreciate that. His skeletal animation and model system are essentially done and no major work has been done on them in a few weeks. Lately he's been working on AI as we've moved to the game play phase of the project.

I know I speak for the entire team when I say, good luck Chris and stay in touch.


Jess Crable will be joining us in a week or so from Legend Entertainment. Jess worked on Wheel of Time, the Unreal add-on pack (Return to NaPali) and is currently working on Unreal 2. We look forward to Jess bringing his experience with Unreal to the project.


As we head into finishing DNF, we've identified two positions we want to fill to handle the increased workload.

You can find out more information on these positions at:


The complete text of George's .plan update can be found here.

Here's a bit of what Chris had to say about his departure, and how it will affect Duke Nukem Forever:

After all, when I resigned it wasn't because I was trying to get away from here, it was more that I just wanted to get back home. Since I've enjoyed being here at this company, and I've enjoyed working with these people, the last thing I would want to do is screw them over by leaving and making a mess of things. I want DNF to succeed just as much as anyone. So I tried to pick a time when the work on my plate that I had a critical role in was mostly wrapped up, and where the remaining work could be picked up by other programmers without much trouble. When you're one of only a few programmers on a major project like this, it's a rare occurrence to find a window of time like that. Luckily this is one of those times.

Click here to check out the entire interview with Chris Hargrove.

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