August 7, 2000

More Fan Art

Over the weekend, we got two pieces of fan art submitted to us, and we're showing them to you today. First up is a Duke Nukem cartoon written by Mark Stewart. It shows Duke's irritation with a programmer. Mark had this to say about his toon: "Here is a little peace I painted up for you last night. The art work was done by me using Paint Shop Pro and a mouse. As you can see by the picture I think Duke is getting a little impatient, don't you think?"

Second is an original piece of art by Martin DeMontfort - this one shows Duke blasting a pig cop on the sidewalk. Martin tells us this about the art - "My name is Martin deMontfort and I'm 16. Duke Nukem 3D is my all time fav game so here's a picture I painted using acrylic for the
background and water colour pencils for the characters."

You can click on either of the thumbnails here to see a larger version. Also, make sure to check out our fan art page, where we have several other submissions from other users.

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