August 21, 2000

Interview with Matt Wood

Our own Matt Wood (Duke Nukem Forever 3D modeler) was interviewed over the weekend by the "In the Trenches" web site. Appropriately titled "Modeling: Duke Nukem Forever Interview", this interview is a very good interview with Matt on various aspects of 3D modeling. There isn't much her about Duke Nukem Forever directly - this is more about Matt and modeling. Here's a few quotes:

[trenches] How did you end up at 3D Realms?

[matt] At the time, they were looking to hire a first mapper on the new iteration of the Prey project. I sent them some of my Duke3d levels and a working Quake level (which was very under par in my opinion), they liked them a lot and gave me a job.

[trenches] What's the hardest thing you've ever had to model/animate?

[matt] Even using Mocap, cleaning up animations to replicate human movement is still a hefty task. Hell, sometimes just doing a walk animation drains me.

If you're interested in reading about Matt and his modeling technique - make sure to check this out. It's a very good article.

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