August 22, 2000

More Fan Stuff

Today we bring you some more fan art sent to us. We have three new pieces of fan art - and a Duke Nukem / South Park parody.

The three pieces of fan art are on our Fan art page right now. First up is a piece of art by Tom Sweeney which portrays Duke firing two guns. Second is a a piece by Markus Meiritz entitled "The Real Duke Nukem", and last but not least is a Quake 3 model by Jesper Thrane of our very own Duke Nukem. Jesper's model is shown here - you can click on it to be taken to the fan art page where you can see the other two, as well as three other positions of this Duke skin.

Also online recently was a Duke Nukem meets South Park Flash movie. check that out over at the Newgrounds site. It's rather silly, although for some reason, Duke Nukem is green. Thanks to Ross Baker for pointing this out.

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