September 5, 2000

Brandon Reinhart Article

Our own Duke Forever programmer Brandon Reinhart has a new article that went online yesterday. It's over at Gamespy, and is entitled, "GreenMarine's Development Corner". In the article, he talks about several things related to the gaming industry - how it's organized, how some companies are laid out, game design, and how to break into the industry. The article contains no information about Duke Nukem Forever, but is a great read if you're interested in the behind the scenes working of this industry. Here's a bit of what he had to say:

Jay Wilbur once said "level design is where the rubber hits the road," and he's right. The Level Designer's job is to take the textures, characters, AI and models and mix them together with original architecture to create a game world.

Long before I was hired to work at Epic Games, I emailed John Carmack and asked him what it took to get into the industry. His response consisted of a single sentence: "Talent will be rewarded."

Make sure to check it out - it's a great article!

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