September 21, 2000

Interview with Lee Jackson

Our own Music & Sound Director, Lee Jackson is interviewed today by Sonikmatter. Actually, he was interviewed several months ago, but they never posted the interview until now (due to site rebuilding). Anyway, the interview with Lee talks mostly about what programs he uses in his music studio, his sound libraries, etc... Here's a bit from it.

SONIK : What sound libraries do you use ?

LEE : We recently made a rather large investment in sample libraries. I'd like to go into detail here, but this would involve information on Duke Nukem Forever, and I'm under Area 51 rules on that project.

SONIK : What is a typical day for Lee Jackson at work ?

LEE : No such thing. The closest thing I can compare my job to is that of a soldier - periods of not much going on, punctuated by days of sheer terror. On slow days, I'll usually get my Internet stuff out of the way, and then work on music, either playing around, composing, or doing R & D on sounds.

There's a lot more - a lot more (Lee is rather verbose in this interview) - so make sure check it out for some behind the scenes goodness with Lee Jackson.

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