September 14, 2000

More on Webisodic Duke Nukem

There's a new interview with Jim Perkins, the CEO of WEB Corp - the folks who will be behind the "Webisodic Duke Nukem" games. Without any further adieu, let's just get to a few choice quotes from Jim...

Q: Are there a certain number of Duke episodes you're aiming for or will it depend on the success and customer demand?

JP: We expect to release 10 Duke episodes in 2001 � our plan is to continue the series as long as the series is popular.

Q: We're pretty starved for info on the title so is there any gameplay related information that you can give to Duke fans around the world? Multiplayer?

JP: As soon as we nail down the gameplay for Duke, we'll let you know � it's pretty early yet. We are discussing/investigating multiplayer � it's not trivial :-).

There's more in this interview, so head over to and check out the entire thing. We hope to have more about this title online shortly.

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